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    We’re the UK’s only law firm that specialises exclusively in helping employees with settlement agreements.

    Our customer reviews are independently verified, making us the number one ranked employment solicitors in the UK

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      Information on how we handle your data is in our Privacy Policy.

      How we can help you with your settlement agreement

      Settlement Agreement Solicitors is an employment law firm that specialises exclusively in helping employees with settlement agreements.

      Whatever the reason is that you have been given a settlement agreement, be it redundancy, facing termination due to stress, poor health or performance issues, or if your employer is completing a general restructuring, we can help you.

      Our team of specialist employment solicitors offer a Nationwide service by telephone and online. So no matter where you are based, we can provide you with expert legal advice on the contents of your settlement agreement and explain the legal consequences of you signing it. If you are not being offered a fair payout, we can negotiate with your employer on your behalf to get you the best deal possible.

      We’re the number one ranked employment solicitors in the UK on Trustpilot thanks to the hundreds of independently verified reviews from our happy customers. Call us today and experience our 5-star service for yourself.

      Settlement Agreement Solicitors is fully regulated by the Solicitors Regulation Authority and full members of the Employment Lawyers Association

      Settlement agreement advice and sign-off service

      If you are happy with the terms of your settlement agreement and need one of our specialist employment solicitors to review it with you and sign it off, we can offer you a same-day telephone appointment and online sign-off service. We have streamlined our process so that it can be completed from start to finish in as little as twenty-four hours. 

      Step one – send us your settlement agreement

      We will ask you to send us a copy of your settlement agreement, your employment contract, and any other relevant documents.

      Step two – settlement agreement advice and sign-off call

      We will book you in for your settlement agreement advice call with one of our specialist employment solicitors. This call will typically take between forty-five minutes and an hour, depending on the complexity of your settlement agreement.

      During the call, your solicitor will review the terms of your settlement agreement with you and provide you with specialist legal advice on its terms and effects. If your solicitor finds any terms that are unfair or unreasonable, we will ask your employer to amend them. 

      Step three – signing and billing

      Once the final version of your settlement agreement has been received, we will proceed to signature. The signed settlement agreement will then be sent to your employer for counter-signature, along with an invoice to cover your legal fees.

      Once counter-signed by your employer, your settlement agreement will be fully executed and legally binding. Whilst our involvement will usually cease at this point, if you were to experience any issues with the payments due to you under the settlement agreement, you can contact us for further assistance at no extra cost. Whilst this scenario is rare, it provides you with the added peace of mind that we will continue to support you until the money is in your bank account. 

      Our fees

      Your employer will specify a “legal expenses contribution” within the settlement agreement itself (which is usually between £350+VAT and £750+VAT). We guarantee to cap our fees at whatever your employer’s contribution is.

      Ultimately, this means that we will never charge you any more than your employer is willing to contribute, even if it ends up taking us many more hours than we expect it to.

      Settlement agreement negotiation service

      The team at Settlement Agreement Solicitors are expert negotiators and can negotiate directly with your employer to get you the best deal possible. 

      Because we focus solely on settlement agreement law, there are very few situations that we have not come across before. Our expertise and experience allow us to quickly grasp your employer’s motivations and use this knowledge to secure a compensation award that meets or exceeds your expectations.

      Even if you have tried to negotiate a better offer and failed, don’t worry, we may still be able to get you a much better deal. You might also be pleased to know that the negotiation process can usually be completed well within the deadline that your employer has given you.

      Call us today for a free case review call and we’ll tell you whether we think your case is negotiable. We can then help you to negotiate a better deal and, unlike all the other law firms that will try and take as much as 35% of any increase that they negotiate for you, our service is free of charge. That’s right, no fixed fees, no hourly rates, we will provide you with our negotiation support service at no extra cost to you.

      Why Choose Settlement Agreement Solicitors?

      We’re the UK’s only law firm 100% dedicated to helping employees with settlement agreements
      • Same-day Advice & Sign-Off

        Streamlined, fast and efficient, often completed in under twenty-four hours

      • Employer Pays All Fees

        Our fee is capped at the level of your employer’s contribution

      • We’re Rated Number One

        We are the number one ranked employment solicitors on Trustpilot

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      Settlement Agreement Solicitors’ reviews have been independently verified by Trustpilot – making us the number one ranked employment solicitors in the UK

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      Home FAQ

      01. What is a settlement agreement?

      A settlement agreement is a legally binding contract between an employer and employee. Essentially, the agreement states that the parties will end their relationship, with the employee waiving the right to make a claim in the Employment Tribunal in exchange for a ‘settlement’ which can comprise of money and/or benefits.

      02. What are the legal requirements of a settlement agreement?

      To be legally valid, a settlement agreement must:

      • be in writing.
      • relate to a particular complaint or particular proceedings.
      • only be signed after the employee has received independent legal advice from an identified advisor who holds the required professional indemnity insurance.
      • state that the conditions regulating settlement agreements under the relevant statutory provisions have been satisfied.

      The absence of any one of these stipulations will render the agreement null and void. In the case of Palihakkara v British Telecommunications Plc UKEAT/0185/06, the Employment Appeal Tribunal ruled that a compromise agreement (the former name for a settlement agreement) did not settle claims under the Sex Discrimination Act 1975 or the Race Relations Act 1976 because it did not expressly state that the conditions regulating agreements under those statutes had been satisfied. The Court stated: “the absence of a clause confirming that the conditions in these discrimination statutes are satisfied is fatal … the statutes are plain and require a condition.”

      03. What are the circumstances under which I can seek a settlement agreement?

      There are several circumstances in which a settlement agreement provides a positive solution. You may have one or more grievances/claims and rather than go to the Employment Tribunal, you and your employer may agree to enter into a settlement agreement.

      Situations which can lead to a settlement agreement include:

      • unpaid wages, salary, or bonuses
      • discrimination claims
      • breaches of employment contract or statutory rights
      • disagreements about poor performance

      Highly skilled people who are in senior jobsmay find their position untenable following a merger or acquisition or a change in corporate strategy. A settlement agreement can provide an ideal solution, allowing parties to go their separate ways in an amicable manner.

      04. What are the advantages of a settlement agreement?

      A settlement agreement provides several advantages, including:

      • you will avoid the stressful, expensive, and slow process of bringing a legal claim
      • you can negotiate a positive reference
      • unlike bringing a claim in the Employment Tribunal, the financial settlement is guaranteed
      • you can negotiate for non-financial benefits as well as a financial settlement

      Our expert team can advise you as to whether a settlement agreement is the right solution for your situation.

      05. How much money will I receive as part of my settlement agreement?

      The financial settlement you receive depends on many factors, including your job and the industry you are employed in, and your ability to negotiate for compensation. Our experienced settlement agreement solicitors are expert negotiators and can also persuade your employer to enter into an agreement if they are reluctant to do so.

      Our settlement calculator provides general guidance as to what compensation you may be entitled to.